~ Monopolize the majestic scenery below
      an inn that rents out the whole building ~

A log house for rent with a panoramic view of Hiraizumi , which is rich in nature.
The hill where the inn stands is in a great location overlooking the magnificent rural scenery
where the Kitakami River flows.
You can hear the chirping of birds from the surrounding quiet forest.
You can spend a quiet time without being disturbed by anyone
while watching the scenery that changes with the seasons and the scenery that changes its expression
in the morning and evening.
Under the high sky, where there is nothing to block the view,
You can see the Tohoku Shinkansen running over the No. 1 Kitakami River Bridge,
the River Bridge, the longest railway bridge in Japan.


  • 外観

    A modern Japanese style log house nestled in lush nature.You can also enjoy barbecues and outdoor parties on the wooden deck.

  • リビング

    The open atrium has heavy beams and is a space where you can feel the history of Japan.

  • 和室
    Sunken hearth room

    A Japanese style room with an irori hearth and a grass weave circular seat is a space where you can be healed by the Japanese atmosphere.

  • 寝室

    A bedroom where you can relax both physically and mentally, wrapped in the scent and warmth of wood.。

  • お風呂

    Spacious and clean bathroom. Amenities use organic cosmetic brands that do not use petroleum derived ingredients.

  • キッチン
    Dining kitchen

    A dining kitchen with a solid single plate table. A self catering kitchen is equipped with cooking furniture such as a refrigerator, cooking utensils, and tableware.


  • 和食
    Live kichen

    Cech, who cherishes local gastromy, will serve dishes without a menu just for you.

  • 洋食

    We serve meals made with plenty of local seasonal ingredients.

  • セルフ
    self catering

    We have cooking furniture and cookin gutensils.
    A self cateringkitchen where you can enjoy cooking freely.
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  • 盆栽体験
    Bonsai experience

    Bonsai is known as a traditional Japanese gardening. Everyone from children to adults can enjoy it.

  • 紙すき体験
    Paper making experience

    You can experience traditional hand made Japanese paper making that has been passed down for over 800 years as one of the cultural heritages of Hiraizumi Fujiwara.*Experiences will be held at the "Paper Sukikan.  "Kamisuki Kan" Click here


  • 盆栽体験
    " Tenku no Oka" overlooking the superb view below
  • 紙すき体験
    An extraordinary experience
    where everything you see is luxurious
  • 盆栽体験
    View of Hiraizumi from the wooden deck
  • 紙すき体験
    Hiraizumi is dotted with World Heritage sites


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About 20 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Ichinoseki IC
About 20 minutes by car from Ichinoseki Station


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